Grid navigation

← ↑ → ↓ walk on the cells
Home jump to the first directory
End jump to the last file/directory
Backspace jump to the parent directory
F2 edit cell
Enter change directory / end edit mode with update
Escape end edit mode without changes
ctrl+A select all files


The clicked cell becomes focused and selected. To select a block of cells use the left mouse button. A single click on the grid clears the selection blocks.
To select more than one block keep the Ctrl button pressed.
Operations on files like numbering, mass tagging or renaming operates on all selected files or the whole file list if only one cell is focused. The file is selected when one of its rows cells is selected.

ID3 version ctrl+1 / ctrl+2

Switch view of ID3 tag version. Available on toolbar buttons or menu View.
screenshot: ID3 version
Save is applied to the version selected in 'Save ID3 Tag' section in the 'Settings' dialog.


Each media file can be opened with the default system player (associated with extension). A right click on media files shows a popup and submenu of 'Open' this contains all the actions associated with the file type. It is also possible to drag selected files and drop them into the player.

Cell edit F2

To edit a cell use the F2 key or use a mouse double click. Cells with directory name, bitrate and time are not editable. After editing a tags field the edited cells background colour changes. This indicates that the cells value has been changed.
screenshot: Edit cell
To undo a change choose Restore, to accept a change (save to disk) choose Save.

Restore ctrl+Z

To undo changes in the selected cells. After this restore the cells background colour will return to normal.

Restore All ctrl+shift+S

To undo changes in all of the changed cells.

Save ctrl+S

Saves your changes of the selected cells to disk. After a successful save, the cells background colour will return to normal. Because the ID3 v2 tags are located at the begining of a file, saving may take a little time.

Save All ctrl+shift+S

Saves changes of all the changed cells to disk.

Change Directory ctrl+O

This will open a browse directory dialog.

Log Window ctrl+L

Toogles the log window. This will show any errors, warnings or information entries.
screenshot: Log window