Operations of TigoTago

Find and Replace ctrl+H

Replaces desired phrase in the selected cells.
screenshot: Find and Replace

Change Case

Changes the character case in the selected cells. Available settings: (lower, UPPER, First upper, Like A Title)

Set Column ctrl+T

Fills the cells of a whole column with the text of the currently selected cell. Useful for filling the Artist, Album or Year fields.

Files Re-order

Opens a dialog where files can be re-ordered using easy drag & drop operations.
screenshot: Files Re-order

Fill Track Number ctrl+N

Fills selected track numbers begining with 1.

Fill Track Number From ...

Opens a dialog where the starting number and step can be defined.

Names from Tags

Creates names of files using tags according to the defined mask.
screenshot: Names from Tags - before
screenshot: Names from Tags - after

Tags from Names

Creates tags using names of files according to the defined mask. Names should have the same separators between significant phrases.
screenshot: Tags from Names - before
screenshot: Tags from Names - after

Let's consider a more complicated example:
file name: clicks and cuts 2 - disc 3 - 01. Twerk - Inorganic Clarity.mp3
mask: %3 - %0 - %6. %1 - %2.mp3
As a result the album, track no, artist and title tags will be extracted from filename using the above mask.

clicks and cuts 2 - disc 3 - 01. Twerk - Inorganic Clarity.mp3
%3 - %0 - %6. %1 - %2.mp3

Tags from Text

Creates tags using simple text according to the defined mask. Definition of the mask is like the 'Tags from Names' operation.
screenshot: Tags from Text - before
screenshot: Tags from Text - after

Tags from freedb.org

Gets a track list and album information from freedb.org. Music files must correspond to the tracks on original CD (the same track times and track count) to find the correct album.
If more than one album is found, you will be prompted to choose the desired album.
All the results of remote database queries are cached for each session of TigoTago.

Find Album in freedb.org

Searches for albums of a specific artist in freedb.org database. Sometimes you will get better results if only the artist or the album is specified.

Find Album in Discogs.com

Searches for albums of specific artist in Discogs.com database. Don't forget to enter 'The' in the title, sometimes it is necessary.

Remove Tags

Removes tags from a file. If the selected file contains ID3 tags, options 'Remove ID3 v1' and 'Remove ID3 v2 Tags' are available.

Copy Tags from ID3 v1

Copies selected fields from tags v1.

Copy Tags from ID3 v2

Copies selected fields from tags v2.

Tag Info ctrl+I

Opens a window showing a full tags summary and technical information.

Create Playlist

Create playlist dialog. Available formats are M3U, PLS and TXT (simple file list).
Playlist name and song labels will be created according to a defined mask.
Absolute Path switches: paths and files (checked) / files only (unchecked) - in the playlist of the current directory.
screenshot: Create Playlist