How to translate text resources?

  1. Run HelpTranslationRun Translator
  2. Create a new language file and select target Language
    Load partial translated file (available from language files list or by direct file open)
  3. Translate resources
    Select the source language version on the left panel.
    Enter appropriate text and accept the change Ctrl+N
  4. Save all changes ctrl+S
  5. Change application language in the settings window.
    Check if all texts look correctly.

Text resources can contain special characters:

  • '&' is used in the menu items to mark a hot key (the letter is underlined)
  • {0}, {1}, ... are used to show a variable values. Place them according to the grammatical rules.

Use 'Debug mode' option if you want to find text from iterface in the resource file. In 'Debug mode' all the texts will be prefixed with its recource id.

Resources by default are located in 'TigoTagoresources' directory as files with .lng extension. If you have transalted all texts, and if you are realy shure that your translation is ready to publish - please attach the .lng to the new post on the forum in the Translations section. Please note that upload is available for registered users only.

Good luck!
We are waiting for your translation.